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Alex Oyen: Official Music Site
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Alex Oyen is a very enthusiastic young teen who is trying to REALLY get a jump start into the music business. He came in third for the role of Danny Partridge on 'In Search Of The Partridge Family.' He is a singer/songwriter who has been performing and recording and is trying to make it big time.

Alex started singing at the age of three. Since then, he has learned how to play guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, ukelele, and many other various instruments. He has written many songs and is very happy that you will get to hear them soon. To hear songs by Alex, go to where you will hear the first song Alex wrote, called 'Everything To Me'and hopefully some more soon!

Alex Oyen Recordings consist of this, he sometimes plays these instruments, he sometimes doesn't:

Alex Oyen: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums.

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